The Architecture Photographer

Hello! I'm the guy behind the camera known as Jamie Knop.

I have been an architectural photographer for many years, but have not always been so involved in the architectural side of things. Growing up around photography I have gone into many genres of photography many I still carry out today but not as high key as architectural photography. You may still find my wedding photography and portrait photography about but it is a passion on the side.

So how did I become so indulged in architectural photography, primarily this in fact evolved from street photography. Then I began to look at the architecture in my street photography and indulged myself with everything architectural. Studying many other architectural photographers such as Andreas Gursky brought my attention to the techniques and different styles architecture photographers use. This led me to basing my final year at Chester University exhibiting architectural pieces looking at the changes and various styles of architecture in the modern and old world. Using a 4x5 camera as my tool, I learnt the many aspects of capturing such fine architecture in our world today. Using a 4x5 camera was greatly beneficial but now with the use of tilt shift lenses in digital photography sadly there is no longer a requirement for such a tool.

After gaining my photography degree I have carried commissions for many architects and organisations throughout the world and hope to do so for many more years.

Jamie Knop Architectural Photographer